Das yuii Young Leadership Camp: 
Inspirierend, klar und authentisch führen -
unser Trainingskonzept speziell für junge und neue Führungskräfte

The yuii Young Leadership Camp

The yuii Young Leadership Camp is a further education process specifically for young and new leaders. At the camp, 3 to 4 training modules with various topics are combined with individual feedback discussions and business coachings for a time period of approx. four to six months.

During the 1 to 2 day business trainings, we provide the knowledge and tools that young or new leaders need in order to lead teams in a motivating, clear, efficient, and authentic manner.

Here, there is time for “basics” and practical input, group work, and discussions. Additionally, there is enough room for the necessary reflection of their own (future) leadership role and personality. In particular, the special needs and skills of the new junior leaders are taken into consideration. Because: The so-called “generation y” or “generation z” not only wants to be lead differently, they also want to lead differently. They must be shown modern leadership techniques and, at the same time, see that older employees will have their own and other needs regarding leadership, which also must be valued and recognized. Our yuii Young Leadership Camp considers all of these aspects of new leadership models in the age of digitalisation and agility.

After the business trainings, in one-on-one feedback discussions, a business coach speaks to each participant individually about personal strengths and the individual potential for development with regard to the leadership exercise. Furthermore, there is detailed feedback regarding the external impact of the participants in order to synchronize their self- and public perception.

Individual coachings complement the process: Here, questions and challenges of the young leaders are analysed in the current leadership context, and individual paths for goal achievement are developed as needed during several sessions.

An overview of the training modules and topics:

  • 1. Module (2 days): Me & my leadership personality
  • 2. Module (2 days): Me & my communication
  • 3. Module (2 days): My team & I
  • 4. Module (1 day): Me & my impact

Me & my leadership personality

  • What does leadership actually mean?
  • What leadership personalities and styles exist? Where do I currently stand?
  • Self-reflection regarding my own leadership personality: How can I and how do I want to lead with authenticity and inspiration?

Me & my communication

  • Leading constructive feedback, conflict, and employee discussions
  • Communicating clearly and authoritatively
  • Training typical, difficult, and challenging communication situations from the practical experience of the young leaders

My team & I

  • Team phases and team roles
  • Motivating teams, speaking to team members individually
  • Effective and appreciative delegation
  • Promoting self-responsibility and constructive thinking of the team members
  • Establishing a positive error culture: Seeing potentials in conflicts and risks, openness to new things

Me & my impact

  • How do I present ideas, transmit decisions persuasively, credibly, and powerfully?
  • Do I communicate “congruently”, i.e. do non-verbal and verbal signals coincide?
  • How to help communicate decisions or changes using the foundations of positive and empathetic communication in a way that they are understandable and do not generate fear, doubts, or worries in employees?

Methodology of the business trainings:

  • Staged case work / simulation of typical leadership situations
  • Presentations and interactive lectures
  • Group work
  • Detailed, individual feedback / video analyses
  • Structured discussions

Feedback discussions

  • One-on-one dialogue with each participant and trainer about personal strengths, potential for development with regard to their own leadership personality and individual leadership style.
  • Analysis of the self- and public perception

Business coaching

  • Approx. 2-3 individual coaching sessions per young leader
  • Supporting the young leader in working out solutions to leadership-relevant questions and challenges
  • Realisation of existing skills and talents, releasing personal resources and sources of inspirational
  • Setting a goal by their own motivation with the support of the business coach

Methodology of the coaching

  • Goal clarification
  • Action-oriented tools such as GROW
  • Working with blocking belief systems
  • Change of perspective with the 3-2-1 Method
  • Working with emotions
  • Spiral dynamics
  • Working with questioning techniques
  • For more information about the yuii coaching, go to yuii.de/Coaching

Costs & organisation

We gladly provide the costs of the yuii Young Leadership Camp upon request.

The camp may be booked by businesses exclusively for their own junior leaders. In this case, module contents will be discussed in detail first, and the camp will be adjusted individually to the challenges of the young leaders.

We will gladly answer your questions regarding the yuii Young Leadership Camp! Preferably in an individual introductory meeting.

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Sabine ZelmSabine Zelm ist yuii-Gründerin, Trainerin und systemischer Business-Coach.

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