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yuii Leadership COMPACTCamp

The yuii Young Leadership COMPACTCamp is an abridged version of our advanced training process, aimed primarily at junior and newly recruited management staff. It is now available as an ‘open training format’, covering all there is to know about leadership. COMPACTCamp is suitable for corporate and self-funding clients from all sectors of the economy.

Our COMPACTCamp comprises two training modules (each lasting two days) and three individual business coaching sessions (also possible via Skype), during the course of which we cover the knowledge and teach the tools that junior and newly recruited management staff require to lead teams in a motivating, efficient and authentic way.
Each of the two-day business training modules teaches the basics as well as incorporating practical input, group work and discussions. And, of course, participants can expect much of the content to be imparted via the methodology of applied improvisation that yuii has become known for. This makes the training sessions a realistic experience – and also a lot of fun.

There is also plenty of scope for participants to engage in very worthwhile self-reflection on their own (future) leadership role and persona. In addition, participants will receive extensive individual feedback on their effectiveness, e.g. in problematic communication situations. They will thus have the valuable opportunity to compare their self-image with the external image as perceived by other course participants and by the instructor.
Individual business coaching completes the process: in three 60-minute coaching sessions, the personal questions and challenges of the junior managers can be analysed within their actual management context and individual ways of achieving objectives can be mapped out

The training modules and main topics at a glance:

Module 1: My leadership persona and I

Training topics

    • What does leadership actually mean – and what does it not mean? Where is the crossover point into management activities?
    • Working with your own background: leadership models that have influenced you
    • What are the different types of leadership style, and what is meant by employee-oriented leadership? What stage of leadership development are course participants currently at?
    • Which strengths and areas of development as a manager do the participants currently display?
    • Self-reflection on the participant’s individual leadership persona: how can leadership become authentic and inspiring?

    Module 2: My team communication skills and I

    Training topics

      • How to give constructive feedback, resolve conflicts and conduct employee reviews
      • Communicating clearly and authoritatively
      • How to handle difficult and challenging communication situations as typically experienced by management staff
      • Team phases and team roles
      • Motivating a team and addressing team members individually
      • Effective and appreciative delegation
      • Fostering personal responsibility and constructive thinking among team members
      • Establishing a culture of constructive criticism, seeing potential in conflicts and risks, being open to new ideas

      The methodology behind our business training courses

      • Case work based on real scenarios, simulations of typical leadership situations
      • Presentations and seminars
      • Group work
      • Detailed individual feedback and video analysis
      • Structured discussions
      • Games and exercises on the ‘applied improvisation’ model

      Business coaching

      • All participants attending our Young Leadership COMPACTCamp receive three individual business coaching sessions (also available via Skype for participants based outside Berlin)
      • Guidance in the development of solutions to management-related issues and challenges
      • Raising awareness of existing skills and talents, tapping into personal resources and sources of inspiration
      • Determination of the individual’s own objectives with the guidance of the business coach

      More information about yuii coaching can be found at yuii.de/Coaching

      Costs and organisational matters

      Cost of participation in the yuii Young Leadership COMPACTCamp (including three business coaching sessions, drinks and snacks on site, all training materials and end-of-course certificates):

      2,900 EUR per course participant (plus 19 % VAT)


      Module 1:
      Module 2:

      Please note: The modules cannot be booked independently of each other.

      Number of participants and target group

      The number of participants is limited to ten to ensure that this is a truly intensive learning experience. The target group for the training course are junior and/or newly recruited management staff as well as employees who aspire to a leadership role or who can expect promotion to such a role in the near future. The training is relevant to all sectors of the economy. The courses will be conducted in German.

      Venue for the training camp

      Participants will be taught in the attractive and stimulating rooms of the Stratum-Lounge in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Recommendations regarding accommodation and more information about the venue can be found here.


      The camp will be led by yuii founders Madeleine Yoran and Sabine Zelm and trainers from the yuii trainer network. For more information about the instructors, click here.

      If you would like to book a place at our COMPACTCamp or have any further questions, send us an e-mail or give us a call on Tel. 0176-20025780

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      Good to know!

      Companies can make an exclusive booking of our Young Leadership Camp for their own junior executives. In this case, the module contents will be discussed in detail in advance and the camp will be individually tailored to the challenges specific to your organisation.

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      Camp hosts & trainer

      Madeleine YoranMadeleine Yoran is yuii founder, trainer and business-coach
      Sabine ZelmSabine Zelm is yuii founder, trainer and business-coach