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The Young Leadership KOMPAKTCamp 2020

In a condensed format, we will impart all knowledge about good leadership of employees and teams, even in times of agility and in a VUCA-World.


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The KOMPAKTCamp at a glance


Compact training, 2×2 days plus individual business coachings

Made for

Young or future managers of all industries

Key learnings

Motivate and empower teams, lead employees authentically


Practical and case-oriented, brain-friendly and agile

Upcoming Camps

Camps in English:
On request

Camps in German:

Module 1: on request
Module 2: on request
Stratum Lounge, Berlin*

*Should the event not be possible as face-to-face training due to the corona pandemic, the training will be conducted virtually, as online training.


We offer a 10 % last minute discount for bookings 12 weeks before the camp date.


€ 2.300 
per participant,
plus 16 % VAT

  • 2×2 days of compact training
  • 3 × 60 minutes of individual business coaching (worth € 540)

Last minute discount

“What exactly are the demands of my leadership role?”, “Do classical leadership styles differ from the leadership of agile teams?”, “How much ‘authority’ can I have?”, “How do I give effective and appreciative feedback?", "How do I deal with employees who used to be my colleagues or even friends?”

The list of possible questions from young and/or new managers is long, and it is these questions that the next generation of managers is confronted with on a daily basis. Surely, no master has yet fallen from the sky when it comes to leadership either, and every manager learns from his or her own experience. Our approach, however, has always been the same: by providing targeted support and encouragement to young managers in particular, we can improve leadership styles from the get-go and start you off on the right track. And that pays off in the long run!

For many years yuii Business-Training has been working successfully and with a 100% recommendation rate from companies all over Germany, supporting their managers and junior managers in their personal and professional growth. We always work practice-oriented and hands on. In the Young Leadership KOMPAKTCamp we provide managers with the foundation of knowledge and practical skills that they need today in order to fill their new position more confidently and empowered. At the end of the process, managers who have achieved clarity about themselves, their role and the tools and instruments at their disposal, especially with regard to employee communication, will have become true leaders.

yuii is different

Die yuii-Gründerinnnen Madeleine Yoran und Sabine Zelm

Since 2011, we have also been relying on the agile principles and tools of “applied improvisation” in all our training and continuing education processes. Through the “magic” of improvisation, our participants always learn experience-oriented, have lots of fun and leave our trainings energized. Challenge us!

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Compact in 2×2 days

We don’t believe that academic trainings work, so we offer learning content that young leaders can incorporate directly into their daily work. Compact, in 2×2 days and supplemented by individual business coaching (also possible via Skype), we enable a lean process that has a lasting and intensive effect.

Upcoming Dates (in English)

On request

Camps in German:

Module 1: 3–4 February 2020,
Module 2: 19–20 March 2020,
Stratum Lounge, Berlin

Module 1: 23–24 April 2020,
Module 2: 26–27 May 2020,
Stratum Lounge Berlin

We offer a 10 % last minute discount for bookings 12 weeks before the camp date.

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Contents and Methodology

The must-knows for leaders

Our KOMPAKTCamp offers space for the basics and the mediation of practical inputs for young leaders or new executives. We also consider aspects of new management tasks in times of agile teamwork and company organization. The role of managers has not changed fundamentally, but leadership must be lived differently in low-hierarchical contexts.

Awareness and knowledge of attitudes and tools are decisive factors. We take both into account by dividing the training process into two modules: The first module deals with the young leaders themselves, attitudes, values and the development of the first essential leadership principles. The second module deals with team and employee leadership with an emphasis on communicative aspects. There is always plenty of room for the necessary self-reflection of the participants and the comparison of self-perception and external perception. For this purpose we also work with video feedback.

  • What does leadership actually mean – and what does it not mean? Where is the crossover point into management activities?
  • Working with your own background: leadership models that have influenced you.
  • What are the different types of leadership styles, and what is meant by employee-oriented leadership? What stage of leadership development are course participants currently at?
  • Which strengths and areas of development as a manager do the participants currently display?
  • Self-reflection on the participant’s individual leadership persona: how can leadership become authentic and inspiring?
  • How to give constructive feedback, resolve conflicts and conduct employee reviews.
  • Communicating clearly and authoritatively.
  • How to handle difficult and challenging communication situations as typically experienced by management staff.
  • Team phases and team roles.
  • Motivating a team and addressing team members individually.
  • Effective and appreciative delegation.
  • Fostering personal responsibility and constructive thinking among team members.
  • Establishing a culture of constructive criticism, seeing potential in conflicts and risks, being open to new ideas.
  • Case work based on real scenarios, simulations of typical leadership situations,
  • Presentations and seminars,
  • Group work,
  • Detailed individual feedback and video analysis,
  • Structured discussions,
  • Games and exercises based on the ‘applied improvisation’ model.
Business Coaching

180 minutes for me

Individual business coaching sessions complement the camp process: In three business coaching sessions of 60 minutes each, the personal questions and challenges of the young managers can be analysed in the current management context and individual ways to achieve their goals can be developed.

Depending on personal needs, the coachings sessions are agreed upon individually with the yuii coaches. They can start directly after module 1 but can also be taken later. If you cannot be in Berlin for the coaching sessions, you can also make use of them via Skype.

Target audience

Young, new or future managers from all sectors can participate. For an intensive learning experience, the camp is limited to 10 participants.

The trainers

Madeleine, Sabine and the yuii network

The yuii founders, trainers and coaches Sabine Zelm and Madeleine Yoran will lead the camp together with trainers and coaches from the yuii network.

Madeleine Yoran

Madeleine Yoran

Sabine Zelm

Sabine Zelm

Annika Päutz

Annika Päutz

Trainerin Linnea Riensberg

Linnea Riensberg


A price like the Camp: Super & compact

The fee of 2.300 Euro per participant includes:

  • 2 x 2 intensive training days
  • 3 individual business coachings, total 180 min.
  • Access to our digital “yuii academy” with all training documents, worksheets and documentation
  • Participant certificate
  • All drinks and snacks during the training sessions

€ 2.300 
per participant,
plus 19 % VAT

Last minute discount

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Zhen Hu on Unsplash
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