The yuii principle:

Let’s yuiiiiiiiii … everyone gets the training that's right for them

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Recipe for success

What does yuii do differently? Why are yuii trainings more successful?

yuii was founded in 2011 because the time was ripe for more creativity, agility and innovation in human resources development. Since then, we have been designing business trainings and coachings that are conducted by all yuii trainers on an equal footing. We want to have at least as much fun in our trainings as our participants. We learn plenty in our trainings, too. We are leaving our comfort zone because we are constantly adapting, changing and sometimes even throwing our concepts out the window. We rarely apply prescriptive solutions. We love people, and what we do, we do with passion. This is felt by all who work with us. We combine competence with passion and have a good feel for the true needs of employees and companies. That’s what makes us successful.

Applied improvisation

Out of the comfort zone and into the learning zone!

In all trainings, yuii works with a mix of classical competence mediation and improvisation.
We lay the foundation with proven training methods from adult education, such as short motivational talks, instructional discussions and group work.

In addition, there are exercises from the field of applied improvisation, where our participants immediately get stuck in, open up to the group more quickly, build trust and lose their inhibitions. In this way, learning content is experienced emotionally and therefore anchored for the long-term. This mix is what distinguishes yuii trainings and makes them so special.

In addition, we always train the agile mindset with improv methodology – which is now more important than ever. The result: more flexible employees who are better able to deal with the uncertainties of everyday business life.

Individual personality development

„Make over – yes. Fake over – no“

In the course of our trainings, each participant receives individual, detailed feedback on his or her own presentation (comparison of self-image and external image), whether in our “Young Leadership Camp”, ie. our leadership development, in a presentation training or in a communication training.

We attach great importance to supporting people in their personal strengths, recognising development potential and training them in a targeted manner. In this way, a leadership, communication or presentation style is found that fits the personality of the participant and feels coherent. At the same time, we initiate change processes and are there with the motivation to see you through.
We are also happy to recommend a combination of (group) trainings and individual business coaching, as this makes the learning and change process more personal and, from experience, even more sustainable.

Sustainable learning

"Hybrid learning is going to be huge – we're in!"

We want our participants to learn with us where it makes the most sense for you and your business. Therefore, all yuii trainings and coachings can be booked as face-to-face or online trainings.

We are also convinced that hybrid forms of learning – that is a combination of face-to-face and remote training – will become the norm in the future. Through the use of our “yuii Academy” blended learning tool, we’re already on the case with both the practical transfer of our trainings and the anchoring of what we have learned, making our work more sustainable.

yuii is fun

"Here, no one has to go down to the basement to laugh."

We are certain that yuii business trainings are much more enjoyable for adults than trainings that work predominantly with classic methods.

Because in adult education, too, fun and humour make training more effective and sustainable, reduce stress and minimise resistance.

That’s why yuii trainings focus on improvisation techniques that are unconventional and fun. In this way, effective learning and genuine personal development are possible – it’s creative and contemporary.

Interested? Contact us – we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.