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Our open trainings in Berlin are designed for companies and HR developers who do not need or want to book a dedicated corporate training. This might be the case when only a few employees need support with a topic, teams are generally small, or supplemental training is sought for individuals. It is also intended for self-payers who would like to take their personal and professional development into their own hands.


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Presentation training



Top presenters dare to show their emotions. You present with ease and confidence. They are able to improvise when a presentation goes differently than planned.
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In our open presentation training in Berlin we teach the basics to present confidently and optimize the individual presentation style of the participants without resorting to patent remedies. In the open presentation training, each participant receives individual tips on how to optimize his or her own presentation style. In our presentation training we give impulses on how to sharpen one's own presence and how to use voice, body language, facial expressions and gestures with confidence.


Two-day open training in Berlin


Improvisation exercises and video feedback


Sabine Zelm


1050 €


Like any other yuii business training: Open to all and 100% diverse.

Most of our customers book yuii for internal, company-wide trainings, such as leadership development, presentation trainings or trainings on time and self-management. But what if only a few or individual employees need support? That’s exactly what our open trainings are for! Of course, all of our open formats are designed to be experience and pratice-oriented and follow the yuii principle. In terms of content, they are based on the topics of our corporate training programs.

The unique advantage of our open trainings is that they provide an opportunity to meet new people and professionals from other companies and organizations. As a result, the training groups are usually much more diverse and heterogeneous than groups that participate from the same company, department or even the same team. Past participants have found this to be a great value add loving the opportunity to look beyond their own horizons, gain new perspectives, and to take advantage of the diverse view points of the group.


You have questions? We have answers!

Anyone who is interested in the training content! Individuals or a small number of employees can register or be registered by their employer in the same way as self-payers.

Even in our open trainings, we emphasize groups that are not too large. This makes our trainings more effective. Therefore, the group size is usually no more than 8- 12 people. However, the number varies from training to training. For more information, please contact us.

Open trainings can be 1-day intensive trainings or up to 4-day trainings for areas like leadership development. You can find more about the length of our trainings in their detailed descriptions. But we are also happy to answer all your questions personally!

The open trainings are usually held in Berlin. Berlin is always worth a trip! The training rooms are modern and lively and we take care of the well-being of our participants* during the breaks. For planning purposes, we will send you all the details about the training location and times about 3 weeks before the scheduled training.

Please note: Some of our open trainings will continue to be offered and conducted as online trainings or from time to time. However, we explicitly point out whether this is a live event in Berlin or a virtual online training via ZOOM.

The prices for the open trainings vary. You will find the exact prices further up on this website after clicking on the button “Details” for the training you are interested in. We are also happy to answer all your questions personally. Please contact us!

We are happy to issue an individual certificate of participation to each participant in an open training, with mention of all learning topics covered.

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