Feedback Training for Managers

Giving motivating and effective feedback

Learning to love feedback as the most effective leadership tool

One to two-day training or shorter learning units, remote or on-site

Trainer input, real-world cases, video feedback

On-site or virtual

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"We have a vision: to decisively improve companies' feedback culture! That's why our motto is: Feedforward instead of feedback. In Feedback Training for Leaders, we train contemporary feedback methods that help employees and teams grow."


Leaders need feedback training! Because hardly any other topic affects employees and managers as much as feedback. It is still a challenge for many leaders to give clear and appreciative feedback to employees. Feedback is still the number one management tool, because managers can use it to achieve so many positive things: motivating and developing employees, showing appreciation and interest – not only with positive but also with critical feedback.

In Feedback Training for Managers, we address all essential aspects of the topic: verbal and non-verbal feedback, as well as personal attitude.

Who is this for?

For leaders and team leads who want to give effective feedback and reduce reactions

For leaders who want to review and reflect on their feedback style

For managers who want to establish a positive feedback culture


Training goals and content can be agreed on an individual basis. Here are some examples:

  • Formulating feedback in a behaviour-oriented way and optimising it
  • Knowing how to deal with feedback as a leader
  • Guidelines and ideas for establishing a positive feedback culture in your own team
  • Training of (critical) feedback based on your own business cases
  • Intensive video feedback to analyse the existing feedback style and its optimisation
  • Learning how to apply the feedforward approach


The training starts with the basic principles of good feedback and an appreciative, behaviour-oriented, constructive feedback technique. We teach the must-knows of giving and receiving feedback through practical exercises and group discussions. We also get into the feedforward approach: a combination of technique and mindset that makes it possible to give (critical) feedback with ease, maintaining positive energy.

The rest of the training process is dedicated to practice. The new learning is strengthened. Based on your own examples, personal feedback style is refined in small groups. Video feedback is also used to analyse and optimise non-verbal, i.e. body language signals.

Finally, we also take a look at the topic of culture and how leaders can support and help shape a positive feedback culture in the team and the whole organisation.


  • Motivational and educational talks
  • Group work
  • Structured discussions and sharing experiences
  • Simulations and business games
  • Work on your own feedback cases
  • video feedback
  • Games and exercises from applied improvisation


  • Training offers are specially tailored to your wishes and needs
  • Remote or on-site, also possible in-house
  • You choose the format, content and focus.
  • We will confirm locations, dates etc. individually.
  • Transparent, individual training concept
  • Handouts, photo documentation and a yuii certificate of participation for all participants
  • The training can be complemented by additional individual coaching.
  • Every yuii training can also be booked as an individual training.
  • Training offers are specially tailored to your wishes and needs
  • Benefit: full concentration on individual needs, such as
    preparing for an important presentation


Interested? Contact us – we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.