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"In every person there is unimagined potential and resources that make it possible to change. What are yours and where can we take you?"

Who is coaching for?

Business Coaching is aimed at people who want to bring about a targeted change in their professional life or professional behaviour with specialist support.

The focus is on the here and now, as well as future potential. The focus is not on how certain patterns of behaviour have occurred in the past. More important to us is: how can things be done differently and better in the future?

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Coaching process

Changes are often noticeable after just a few sessions.

How does coaching work with yuii?

The most important thing in advance: yuii coaching sessions are always individual. Our coaching process serves as a rough framework to support participants in their projects. But the path to successful change can and must be very different. That is what makes good coaching.

You won’t find any prescriptive solutions with yuii. In practice, this means that we accompany the clients systemically. The living environment and individual life situation of each coachee is carefully considered and always taken into account when choosing the coaching methods.

At the beginning of the coaching process there is always a meeting between the coachee (client) and the coach to clarify what the coaching is about, whether the coach is suitable for the topics mentioned and, above all, whether the chemistry between the coach and coachee is right.

If everything is in order, we can get started so the first coaching appointment is arranged.

This is a concrete formulation of goals for the coaching process.

Coaching goals can and may also change in the course of the process.

In several coaching sessions – usually six to 10, at fortnightly intervals – work is done on achieving the coaching goal, primarily with questions and several coaching methods.

Different coaching methods are used to initiate change processes and enable a change of perspective.

Should new concerns come to the fore during the process, these can also be clarified.

The coaching goal can also change during the process.

Between sessions, the coachee is given small tasks, for example to apply the new behaviours they have learned.

A final session is held to reflect on what has been learnt and to get feedback for the process.

Business Coaching Offer

Our wide range of Business Coaching offers for all individual needs

Whether coaching for executives, careers or team coaching – yuii offers business coaching in all areas. In which ways would you like to change?

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