Resilience training

Muddy hands. Clear mind.

Connecting to the own inner resources and potential through the activation of the hands and the organic material clay, to strengthen resilience and wellbeing.

3hour workshop in an artist studio space

Hands-on activities with clay, reflections and exchange

»Our individual performance depends on how well connected we are to ourselves. The effects we can see in our work life as much as in our personal life


Our individual performance depends on how well connected we are to ourselves. In order to show up for others we first have to show up for ourselves or else we risk burning out.
This training focusses on resilience and mindfulness practices, using the organic material clay while activating the hands through tactility and gestures.
In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to connect more deeply with yourself and techniques for being more present to increase focus and awareness in your daily life. You will experience the positive impact of a shift in your mindset on your wellbeing as well as your performance and productivity.

Who is this for?

For managers as an extension and supplementary seminar to other
management development trainings.

For employees who would like to develop themselves personally and strengthen their resilience.

For managers and employees that wish to improve their performance in a sustainable way.


Training goals and content can be agreed on an individual basis. Here are some examples:

  • Cultivating focus and attention skills
  • Recognize your body’s signs to understand underlying needs
  • Learn more about your inner judgment, pressure and voices in your head
  • Learn methods to calm your mind and body
  • Practice acceptance and strengthen a non-judgmental mindset
  • Take care of your nervous system and gain new energy and motivation


In order to arrive in a calm and nurturing state we start with building trust by shifting our mindset to a more accepting, curious and playful one. From here we will dive into an awareness practice using clay to strengthen our focus and attention. The newly won sensitivity allows us to continue by drawing a connection between the organic material clay and our own body, witnessing signs and sensation in ourselves. In order to integrate the experiences we work with individual and group reflections, exchanging observations and understanding. We talk about the 7 pillars of resilience and draw insights and conclusions for our own life from clay and its characteristics and behaviours. After the workshop you can keep up the practice with the Clay Meditation Kit. Each kit contains a box with a handful of clay and a booklet with further activities and empty pages for reflection. The kit is not only a reminder for more awareness in the every day, but also a toolkit to take the necessary steps.


  • Hands-on activities with clay
  • Observation and exploration
  • Self-reflection
  • Group reflections
  • Exercises from the field of art, ceramics and meditation
  • Clay meditations for mind and body awareness to reduce the physiological effects of stress, pain or illness
  • Shift in mindset for non-judgmental awareness in daily life
  • Opening the heart to experience a more joyful life and access inner resources for healing and stress management


Training within the nurturing setting of a mindful ceramic atelier
Atelier & Showroom Anke Buchmann, Sredzkistr. 46, 10435 Berlin

Since training offers are specially tailored to your wishes and needs, alternatively you can choose:

  • Remote or on-site, also possible in-house
  • We will confirm locations, dates etc. individually.
  • Transparent, individual training concept
  • Handouts, photo documentation and a yuii certificate of participation for all participants
  • The training can be complemented by additional individual coaching.

Every yuii training can also be booked as an individual training. Training offers are specially tailored to your wishes and needs.
Benefit: full concentration on individual needs, concerns and learning goals

  • Price: 400€ / Person
  • People: min. 5 – max. 15 15
All dates and further information about the open training can be found here.


What our participants say

Interested? Contact us – we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.