Improvisation Skills in Business

For a flexible approach to the unexpected

Improvise on the job – and do it skilfully!

One to two-day training or shorter learning units, remote or on-site

Improvisation techniques and exercises

On-site or virtual

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»In the past, Improvisation skills were rarely on the agenda for human resource developers. Today we know: Skillful improvisation on the job – a positive approach to the unexpected – often gives organisations a decisive advantage


Today, improvising on the job is a core competence. However, our “Improvisation skills in business” training is not improv theatre, but a sustainable, effective business training. It is particularly successful because the exercises in applied improvisation have more than just a cognitive effect – they have an emotional effect, too.

The learning objectives and content can be adapted to your needs. Our method is suitable for training the most diverse competences of your employees and taking into account completely different disciplines such as sales, marketing, PR, innovation departments and more.

Through the methodology of applied improvisation, teams can improve and reflect on their cooperation, communication behaviour, solution orientation and presentation skills as well as creativity and innovation processes.

Who is this for?

For those who want to develop a solution-oriented mindset

For anyone who wants to say “Yes, but …” much less often

For those who want to deal more flexibly with unpredictability and change

For those who want to get new input for ways of cooperating


Training goals and content can be agreed on an individual basis. Here are some examples:

  • Getting to know the improv mindset and the basic attitudes of improvisation
  • Dealing with the unexpected: Learning to recognise opportunities and say “Yes, and …” instead of “Yes, but …
  • Training an open and positive attitude towards the new and unexpected
  • Solution, rather than problem-orientation
  • Clear and positive communication
  • Dealing with mistakes and failure: Why fear is normal but particularly obstructive when it comes to innovation or change


yuii’ “Improvisation Skills in Business” training is not only great fun – we also guarantee that your team will get into action and communicate with each other in the training, probably like never before. Team members will figure out new, imaginative, unconventional solutions together, support each other and get creative together. You will learn the basics of positive communication and experience many “aha” effects. This all happens naturally through the methodology of applied improvisation.

Our “Improvisation Skills for Business” training is also an excellent innovative teambuilding measure, activating team spirit, fresh motivation, creativity and cohesion.


  • Games and exercises based on applied improvisation
  • Self-reflection
  • Working with your own experiences and emotions: direct relevance to everyday working life
  • Trainer input and teaching discussions
  • Group work
  • Structured discussions and sharing experiences


In-House Training

  • Training offers are specially tailored to your wishes and needs
  • Remote or on-site, also possible in-house
  • You choose the format, content and focus.
  • We will confirm locations, dates etc. individually.
  • Transparent, individual training concept
  • Handouts, photo documentation and a yuii certificate of participation for all participants
  • The training can be complemented by additional individual coaching.


Sabine Zelm

Sabine Zelm


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Madeleine Yoran


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