Presentation training – Basics

Convince and inspire using your personality

Learning to love presenting

One to two-day training or shorter learning units, remote or on-site

Improvisation exercises and video feedback

On-site or virtual

Woman standing on a staircase with notes in her hand
Woman standing on a staircase with notes in her hand

"A convincing presentation requires the courage to leave your comfort zone and show real emotions."


Top presenters dare to show their emotions. You present with ease and confidence. They are able to improvise when a presentation goes differently than planned. Brilliant speakers are very aware of how their audience is doing and what they need in order to continue paying attention. We all love TED Talks because we are thrilled by speakers who show their passion for a topic and come across as totally authentic.

In our presentation training, we teach the basics of presenting with confidence and optimise participants’ individual presentation styles rather than relying on readymade solutions. In the presentation training, each participant receives individual tips on how he or she can optimise his or her own presentation style. We offer inspiration for sharpening your presence and how to use voice, body language, facial expressions and gestures with confidence.

In presentation training, we rely on methods and exercises from applied improvisation so that participants get into presenting, training and improving right away. In addition, there is detailed video feedback for each participant. Of course, we also offer the Presentation Training as an online training. There we focus on teaching virtual presentation skills.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to take a closer look at their presentation skills and improve them.

Employees who lack presentation experience and want to present more confidently.

Anyone who wants to get rid of their stage fright and appear more confident and authentic.


Training goals and contents can be agreed on an individual basis. Here are some examples:

  • Analyse presentation style with video feedback
  • Making use of charisma, body language and voice
  • Quick-wittedness and confident handling of interjections
  • Skillful improvisation when things go differently than planned
  • Activate and engage the audience
  • Using emotions skilfully and effectively
  • Dealing with nervousness and stage fright

Participants are welcome to bring their own presentations to the training.


We start the training process with detailed video feedback on the participants’ presentation performances. Then it is clear where we should focus during our time together.

Further into the training we mainly use methods and exercises from applied improvisation, so that the participants can get straight into presenting, training and improving. Everyone leaves their usual routine and comfort zone to train new behaviours and presentation techniques.

There are also exercises on how to begin a speech and finding opportunities to interact with the audience. And we work on nervousness and stage fright, as well as the right way to deal with critical questions and interjections.


  • Presentation exercises based on improvisation techniques
  • Motivational talks by the trainers on the topics of body language, speech initiation, audience activation
  • Individual feedback with video analysis
  • Simulation of lecture situations
  • Work with your own presentations if desired


  • Training offers are specially tailored to your wishes and needs
  • Remote or on-site, also possible in-house
  • You choose the format, content and focus.
  • We will confirm locations, dates etc. individually.
  • Transparent, individual training concept
  • Handouts, photo documentation and a yuii certificate of participation for all participants
  • The training can be complemented by additional individual coaching.
  • Every yuii training can also be booked as an individual training.
  • Training offers are specially tailored to your wishes and needs
  • Benefit: full concentration on individual needs, such as preparing for an important presentation
  • Two intensive training days in a mixed group
  • Price: 1050 Euro plus VAT
  • Inspiring training rooms in Berlin.
  • Small groups for maximum success (maximum eight participants)
  • Detailed individual feedback for each participant
  • Seminar drinks and snacks included
  • Photo documentation and certificate of participation
  • Further information by email or phone

Next date:

2-day intensive training, 10am–5pm, remote or in Berlin



Sabine Zelm

Sabine Zelm


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Madeleine Yoran


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