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You have great employees with huge potential. Why wait to maximise that?
The targeted development and training of employees in communication, presentation or (young) leadership development is always a win-win situation: your company gains more self-confident and thus happier and more successful employees, while your employees feel like their needs are being taken seriously. yuii has been active in the training and coaching market for 10 years. We work with a wide range of different companies and industries. Our secret is that no yuii business training is off-the-shelf. We listen carefully to our clients’ specific challenges and design customised training where needed.

We don’t organise seminars. When we say training, we mean training. The fact that the word “training” comes from sport is entirely justified. Because these days brain research and adult education agree that learning only occurs if participants alternate between “breathing in” (theory) and “breathing out” (practice), doing both with similar intensity. Active learning must be ensured. Our trainings are designed in exactly this way and follow the guiding principle of action-oriented learning. We link new content with practical experiences and actions that evoke emotions. We use methods, techniques, games and exercises from improvisational theatre, which we tailor to the communication, presentation or leadership situations of our participants. One of our most popular improv games at the Young Leadership Camp is called “The crazy system”. What’s behind it? Find out or ask us!
But that’s not all: we want our trainings to be all-round unforgettable experiences. That’s why we never train in ordinary, dreary hotel meeting rooms, but instead seek out creative, inspiring spaces, for example in a former piano factory in Berlin. This is how we guarantee a special learning atmosphere. If live events are not possible or you prefer virtual training, we will design an online training that takes into account the specifics of virtual learning and creates the best possible learning experience for your employees.

That’s no problem at all. Give us a call or write to us. We can also meet you in Frankfurt, Ulm, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Leipzig or Halle – in other words, anywhere in Germany and the entire German-speaking region. Perhaps you already have a suitable space yourself? Then the training sessions can take place on your premises. The space just needs to be at least 60 m2 because we need plenty of room for movement and action. We will be happy to make you an individual offer and travel to you.

yuii works with a mix of methods in all trainings. Classical contents are sometimes – but not always – taught classically, through lectures, educational talks and group work, as well as with methods based on games and exercises from improvisational theatre. This is called “applied improvisation”.
Our methods are not an end into themselves. We use them because we are convinced that the mechanisms and rules of applied improvisation can noticeably improve communication processes and the lessons can be directly applied to companies’ daily business.
We take time to reflect on all improvisation games and exercises with our training participants, ensuring we always create a clear and direct reference to the business and working world.
Our methods are modern and contemporary ways of delivering learning content in practical, sustainable ways for all yuii trainings (communication, presentation, conflict management, leadership development, etc.).
By using improvisation methods, we have the opportunity to practise and train communication and presentation situations with our participants in an experiential way, changing behavioural patterns as we go. Our trainings are fun and release a lot of positive energy. This not only saves participants from boredom, it also gives them the all-important feeling that they will be able to master any communication and presentation situation with their newly acquired knowledge. This positive experience ultimately leads to our participants leaving a yuii business training with “pride”, self-confidence and excitement for the future.
Our yuii business trainings aren’t improv theatre trainings, but sustainable, effective business trainings. We use games and creative methods to make our training content tangible and experiential, so the lessons can be applied in everyday working life. Through our improvisation methods and references to improv theatre, yuii business trainings focus on improving body language, the use of voice, presentation techniques and maintaining a confident appearance. In addition, yuii business training automatically promotes creativity, spontaneity and quick-wittedness as well as the joy of positive, open communication.

We are asked this question very often. yuii stands for modern, creative, fun business training for young leaders and young professionals, women, employees from all sectors, teams and anyone who is seeking personal development that differs from conventional seminars by using innovative and creative methods.
There is no abbreviation behind the four letters. yuii is an energetic, fresh, joyful word that encompasses our trainings, as well as our trainers and coaches. If you feel like it,you might like to take a look at this blog article on the topic.