Young Leader­ship Camp

Leadership development specifically for young and new leaders

Orientation and clarity in the new leadership role

Two to four modules of two days each or shorter learning units, on-site or remotely

Impulse lectures, group exercises, improvisation exercises, video feedback, business coaching and others.

On-site or virtual

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»Suddenly a manager? In our leadership training, we help young and new leaders step into their roles and give them tools and methods to become the leader they would like themselves to be."


The yuii Young Leadership Camp is our leadership training in Berlin and everywhere and an advanced training process especially for young and new leaders. In management development, two to four training modules of two training days each are combined with different topics, individual feedback discussions and business coaching over a period of about two to six months.

In the leadership training, we impart the knowledge and the tools that young or new leaders need to lead teams in a motivating, clear, efficient and authentic way.

Personal executive coaching sessions for all participants ideally complement the process.

Who is this for?

Leadership development for young leaders who want to gain orientation and security in their new leadership role

For new leaders who want to get to know the most important tools and methods in leadership in a compact way

For new leaders who are moving from colleague to leader


Goals and contents of the executive development can be agreed individually, e.g.:

  • What does contemporary leadership mean? What does modern leadership development need? What does a leadership role entail?
  • What are the different leadership personalities and styles?
  • Intensive self-reflection: Where do the young leaders currently stand, where does their understanding of leadership come from (biographical work)?
  • Giving constructive and motivating feedback
  • Training of typical, challenging communication situations from the practice of the young leaders with video feedback for their own impact
  • Basic knowledge about leading teams
  • Establishing a positive error culture: recognising potential in conflicts and risks, openness to new experiences
  • Present ideas and decisions in a convincing, credible and stimulating manner
  • Leadership and change: stabilising and motivating employees in uncertain times


Module 1: Me and my leadership personality

In the leadership training, the first two-day module is dedicated to the topic of self-reflection. The young leaders are given the time and space to reflect on where they are at, how they are currently fulfilling their role and how they would like to shape it in the future. In leadership training, they reflect on the impact of their own leadership biography and identify their own leadership competencies and areas for development. In the first module of leadership development, we also take a look at what leadership means in our own organization, integrate – if desired – corporate values or leading principles, so that orientation and certainty of expectations are created. The first module of management development also leaves room for collegial exchange and social learning.

yuii offers leadership development in Berlin and throughout Germany.

Module 2: Me and my team

The second module of the leadership development focuses on the team. We clarify how high-performing teams work and how leaders can support them. In the leadership training, the young leaders experience impulses and ideas for action on how to lead their team in a trusting, clear and autonomous manner, and also gain an insight into models and theories in the field of modern team leadership. The important topic of employee motivation is also on the agenda. In leadership training, we also address the area of change management and how people and teams should be managed in times of crisis.

The third module of our leadership development program is all about communication skills for leaders. Because the following still applies: Communication is key! We talk about the leadership tool: “Feedback” and extend it with the ingenious “Feedforward-Approach”. The third module of the leadership training teaches all the important communication skills for leaders and inner attitudes that leaders need to enter into a genuine, appreciative and constructive exchange with their employees.

The fourth module of our leadership development program is all about professional appearance and presentation techniques for leaders.
Therefore, the fourth module of the leadership development deals with topics around rhetoric and body language when presenting. It is a compact leadership training all about improving your own presentation skills, but also focuses on the effect in professional communication situations with employees. In this leadership development module, we work intensively with video feedback.

Leadership coaching complements leadership development: Here, personal issues and challenges of young leaders in the current leadership context are analyzed in several sessions in a one-on-one meeting with a leadership coach, and ways to achieve goals are developed.

  • What does contemporary leadership mean?
  • What does leadership look like in agile organizations?
  • What is the difference between management and leadership?
  • Self-organization for leaders
  • Time management for leaders
  • Resilience for leaders


  • Motivational and educational talks
  • Group work
  • Simulations, role-playing and business games
  • Structured discussions and sharing experiences
  • Games and exercises from applied improvisation


Contents and modules of the leadership development can be individually designed and combined. The business coaching sessions for leaders are optional. An leadership development program at yuii consists of at least two modules. yuii offers leadership development in Berlin and throughout Germany.

  • Leadership training offer tailored specifically to your wishes and needs

  • Leadership training in Berlin or at your location (in-house). The leadership training can also be conducted remotely.

  • You choose the format, content and focus of the leadership development.

  • Location, dates of the leadership development we clarify individually.

  • Transparent, individual training concept

  • Handouts, photo documentation and a yuii certificate of participation for all participants

  • Leadership training can be supplemented by additional leadership coaching.

The open leadership training in Berlin:

  • Two intensive leadership development training modules of two days each in a mixed group (young leaders from different companies)
  • Main topics: Leadership development, orientation in the new leadership role & own leadership personality, team leadership, communication skills for leaders.
  • Included: 3 x 1-hour executive coaching sessions per participant, remote or in Berlin
    Here, in a 1:1 conversation with the leadership coach, personal issues and challenges of the young leaders in the current leadership context are analyzed and ways to achieve goals are developed.
  • Price: 2,500 euros per person plus. VAT
  • Inspiring training rooms in Berlin.
  • Small groups for maximum success (maximum eight participants)
  • Detailed individual feedback for each participant in the leadership development program
  • Seminar drinks and snacks included
  • Photo documentation and yuii certificate of participation
  • Further information by email or phone

All dates and further information about the open training can be found here


What our participants say

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