Annika Päutz

Trainer and Business Coach

Annika Päutz loves to support companies, employees, leaders and teams to use their full potential, to grow beyond themselves, to work innovatively and to act courageously. That’s why she empowers teams and organisations to build collaborative and self-managed work environments through personal development and team coaching. Her aim is for each team member to take full responsibility for their own decisions and contribute with their personal skills. Annika is convinced: This creates synergies and flow!

Annika’s trainings and coaching sessions become a special experience through the use of creative and experience-oriented methods.


  • B. Sc. Business Psychologist
  • Systemic business coach and trainer
  • NLP Practicioner
  • Emotion and Empathy Trainer (Emotion Dynamics LLC)
  • Training focus: Personality development, motivation training, resilience training, team development, leadership development
Trainer Annika Päutz
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