Empowerment Coaching

Start where you are today and get to where you want to be tomorrow

Gain clarity about your own strengths and self-confidence


Regular 1:1 coaching talks over several weeks

Individual mix of coaching and action-oriented tools

On-site or virtual

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"Far too often, your own abilities aren't perceived as strong competences. Empowerment Coaching builds self-confidence."


Start where you are today and get to where you want to be tomorrow It’s possible and important! Many people have great potential and strengths, remarkable talents and outstanding character traits or behaviours that others appreciate about them – it’s just that they can’t see it themselves.

They focus on supposed weaknesses, on what is not there. They see many problems but few possibilities or solutions. Unfortunately, the important feeling of self-efficacy often falls by the wayside. Consequence: Decreased self-esteem and self-confidence. A lack of lightness and fun in everyday professional life.

This is where our Empowerment Coaching comes in!

Who is this for?

For people who want to strengthen self-confidence and self-efficacy

For people who finally want to be more satisfied with themselves and their own achievements

For people seeking professional guidance and mentoring


  • Gain self-confidence by becoming more aware of your own resources and strengths
  • Gain self-confidence through a more confident appearance
  • Gain new, positive perspectives on your professional success
  • Learn to accept your weaknesses
  • Find more lightness in your professional life


The aim of the coaching process is to strengthen those who too often doubt themselves and their strengths. Those who are often told (even when they really don’t want to hear it) that they need to “let their light shine”. And who – despite plenty of hard work – still don’t feel good enough.

In Empowerment Coaching, the coach becomes a sparring partner, mentor or cheerleader who celebrates your successes with you and helps you identify things you can be proud of.


In Coaching, appropriate methods from systemic coaching are used on an individual basis.


Sabine Zelm

Sabine Zelm


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