Business Coaching

Start where you are today and get to where you want to be tomorrow

Developing yourself and establishing new behaviours in the professional context


Regular 1:1 coaching meetings, remote or on-site

Individual mix of coaching and action-oriented tools

On-site or virtual

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"With yuii Business Coaching we accompany you on your path to individual solutions. Together we will find new approaches to your concerns so that you can implement them effectively in everyday life."


Business Coaching topics can vary greatly depending on the need. However, the 1:1 talks always revolve around how you come across to those around you, why you behave in certain ways, how you feel in your work environment and how best to deal with individual challenges.

Business coaching can be carried out at yuii Business Training’s premises in Berlin and, of course, also remotely.

Who is this for?

For those who want to define their professional goals and approach them systematically

For those who want to broaden their business skills

For those who want to change professional behaviour patterns


  • How can I achieve and enforce my professional goals?
  • What are my personal strengths?
  • How do I deal with emotions in a professional context?
  • How do I deal with conflicts with colleagues, superiors or customers?
  • How can I become more relaxed, deal with stress in a calm way and find work-life balance?


Business Coaching opens up new perspectives, thought-provoking insights and new possibilities for action in your professional role. We start with the skills and resources that are already available, encourage their use and make a distinction from previous behaviour. Together we go in search of the changes that will make a difference for you. We always take your specific context into account.


In our yuii coaching sessions, we rely on the multifaceted toolbox of systemic and integral business coaching.


What our participants say

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