Change & Transformation Training

Facing change with openness and a positive mindset

Dealing with change processes more constructively

One to two-day training or shorter learning units, remote or on-site

Trainer input, exercises from applied improvisation

On-site or virtual

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"Practised improvisers are often THE key figures in transformation processes. The good news: improvisation can be learned!"


Change is everywhere -– not only since 2020. But not all people jump for joy when change processes and changes in organisations and teams are on the agenda.
In the training “Change and Transformation” we work mainly with our favourite yuii method, applied improvisation.

In this training, the skills and attitudes that employees need to deal with change with more ease and joy are developed. It’s all about strengthening a positive mindset and bringing openness to new experiences. Participants receive exciting input for even better teamwork, positive thinking and stronger solution orientation.

The training is aimed at employees and managers, but is explicitly not leadership training or change management training.

Who is this for?

For those who want to deal with change with joy and ease

For those who want to see change as an opportunity

For those who want to react to change with agility and flexibility

For those who want to work in a positive error culture


Training goals and content can be agreed on an individual basis. Here are some examples:

  • Basics and models: Which phases do people go through in transformation processes? What stabilises them in times of change?
  • Reflection on your own behaviour patterns in times of change
  • Training an open and positive attitude towards the new and unexpected
  • Solution orientation instead of problem orientation: how does that actually work?
  • Clear and positive communication
  • Dealing with mistakes and failure: why fear is normal, but can be a particular hindrance to us when the “winds of change” blow hard


In this training, the yuii trainers make the transfer to the professional requirements and topics of the participants.
The focus is on the methodology and philosophy of applied improvisation, because companies, teams and employees can learn a lot from improvisation artists. Improv players deal flexibly with change and react quickly, employing the attitude that “everything is an opportunity”. Skilled improvisers are not afraid of failure and see (quick) mistakes as opportunities for optimisation and growth.

We teach this ingenious, positive improv mindset, drawing on the specific challenges of the participants or teams. This creates a mix of methods that motivate for change and reduce reactance.


  • Self-reflection
  • Working with your own experiences and emotions: direct relevance to everyday working life
  • Business games based on applied improvisation
  • Lectures and educational talks
  • Group work
  • Structured discussions and sharing experiences


  • Training offers are specially tailored to your wishes and needs
  • Remote or on-site, also possible in-house
  • You choose the format, content and focus.
  • We will confirm locations, dates etc. individually.
  • Transparent, individual training concept
  • Handouts, photo documentation and a yuii certificate of participation for all participants
  • The training can be complemented by additional individual coaching.
  • Every yuii training can also be booked as an individual training.
  • Training offers are specially tailored to your wishes and needs
  • Benefit: full concentration on individual needs, concerns and learning goals


Sabine Zelm

Sabine Zelm


Madeleine Yoran

Madeleine Yoran


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