Coaching for Teams

Start where you are today and get to where you want to be tomorrow

Improve teamwork


One or two-day session or shorter units, remote or on-site

Mix of methods from team coaching and facilitation

On-site or virtual

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"One for all and all for one. Successful teams are the key to a good result in which all participants contribute and help shape the outcome. Coaching for teams helps identify a common path to the goal."


Coaching for teams. Why is it important? High-performance teams are created through more than clear objectives set by a team lead. They need genuine mutual trust, a transparent distribution of roles, common rules, values, team goals and visions. This is especially true today, when organisations and their teams grow quickly, staff turnover is high or targets and requirements – especially external ones – can change rapidly.

In Coaching for teams, we support people who want to achieve a lot together to develop solutions for their specific challenges. And with a lot of energy, joy and lightness.

Who is this for?

For those who want to formulate their common goals more clearly

For those who want to strengthen their team power

For those who want to develop with their team and within themselves


Coaching topics are identified based on participants’ needs, eg:

  • Developing and living common values and visions
  • Clarifying team roles and defining responsibilities
  • Appreciating and trusting each other
  • Improving communication and feedback culture
  • Discovering potential and using individual resources
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Implementing change successfully
  • Mastering the transfer of overarching corporate goals into the daily work of the team
  • Getting to know colleagues in a new and relaxed way


Through Team Coaching, newly formed teams become capable of acting quickly and sustainably. Teams where conflicts prevail can work on these and develop new forms of cooperation. Teams that are in a process of change can actively shape it. We tailor the procedure and planning of the team coaching sessions to suit your needs.


In our Team Coaching sessions, we rely on diverse range of methods of systemic and integral business coaching, workshop methods and facilitation.


What our participants say

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